National Ag Day!

19 Mar




Well…. we’ve made it! Passed the dreaded Monday, that is. 🙂 Many of us are just counting the days until friday, and this Tuesday is just like any other day. But let’s stop our busy lives for just a second and think about today. When you woke up this morning, think about the clothes you put on your back, think about the breakfast you’ve eaten. Then, think about hopping in your vehicle and think about what was used in your tires, and the gasoline you put in your vehicle. Now, you get out of your vehicle and go to work or school, think about the paper and pencils you’ve used today, think about the money you are going to use to buy your lunch with. And then, imagine coming home, to a nice warm house, cooking yourself dinner and snuggling up under your warm sheets. You see, we use Agriculture several times everyday. Someone once said, “Without Agriculture, we’d be cold, naked and hungry.” And while this is true, I think agriculture is so much more than that. 


So, let’s look back on our day…. When we woke up, we put clothes on…. hopefully ;). Those clothes can be made from COTTON, SILK, or WOOL ( all of which comes from agriculture). Our breakfast was food that had to be grown and cared for by a farmer or rancher. Then we hop in our car, where part of our tires is actually made from COTTON, and oil is a natural resource which comes from agriculture. Did you drink or use water today? That comes from AG too! Paper comes from trees, as well as the wood from our pencils, because of… say it with me…. AGRICULTURE! Our paper money actually comes from cotton (which is why it can go through the washer and not get ruined)… thanks to agriculture. We come home to a nice heated house because of A/C, which is powered by electricity, which comes from COPPER wiring… and comes from Agriculture…. do you get where I’m going with this? 😉

This Tuesday is so different than any other Tuesday, because today is the day we can CELEBRATE the reasons we love agriculture, because it is National Ag Day! Get out there and tell your story, and most importantly take a minute to put your life on pause and think about where you would be without agriculture, then go out and THANK the farmers, ranchers, dairymen, miners, and everyone else who are involved in agriculture and impact our everyday lives. My AG story started with my first market lamb, Dudley Baab, where did yours start?Image


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